A Single Wrapped Red Rose

A Single Wrapped Red Rose

The qualities of a rose are what makes it so special. The gorgeousness, the fragrance, and the charm is hard not to notice. Not only it is physically appealing it is also an expression of love, intimacy, and passion. Savor what roses can give, our Single Wrapped Rose exhibits a character that could entice affection from your recipient.

Only at $28, a rose embellished with a pretty paper wrap and ribbon can soon be in the arms of the love of your life. At a very reasonable price, you can already express your feelings to your partner, a woman you’re courting, or to your wife on your anniversary.

Saying ‘I Love You’ need not be expensive but it sure does need to be special. Save as much when you buy this floral gift and maybe you can add some chocolates on the side from our roster of extra items for sale.