Customer Privacy Information - By Mackay Florist Shop

Here at Gladstone Florist Shop we realise that privacy is a big concern for generally consumers online and also for our valued customers and as such we would like to have a brief discussion on your privacy.

You light first will say that we take your privacy very seriously as it is just as important for us as it is for you.

We have gone to significant lengths to ensure the privacy of our valued customers and the most important thing we have done is to install a higher level SSL certificate on our website. An SSL certificate is a security measure that goes a long way to protecting your personal information and the data that we collect from you. To qualify for an SSL certificate you must, as a business owner, prove that you own your business and only when you have proved that you are the business owner will they issue you with a security certificate. Once they have issued you with certificate you must upload that certificate to your server. The easiest way to see that we are protected by this certificate is to look in the url bar of your browser and you will see two things.

The first thing you will notice, if you are using Google Chrome for example, is that you will see a padlock next to our URL which means that this is a secure connection. Websites that do not have a secure connection will have an exclamation mark next to their URL meaning that they may be unsafe.

The other major identifying factor in a secure website is to look at the url once again and to check whether or not the url starts in an https this is also further proof that the website has a secure connection and an SSL certificate.

You also like to briefly mention that we do not retain any of your credit card information on our website or our server, this is handled by our payment Gateway provider and managed by the Commonwealth Bank. The only information we retain from you is the information about your flower order, the delivery information of where the flowers are going, and the contact details of both you and the recipient of the flowers.

The only time we will contact you after you place the order is if we need to check on a delivery date, or some information may be needed about the delivery address that you gave to us, or we may need to contact you to discuss a possible flower substitution, or last thing you may need to contact you simply to update your contact information.

Once you have placed an order through us we will never share your contact information with any third party.