All Your Questions Answered

Do you delivery same day?

Yes we deliver same day flowers from every Monday to Saturday but you must order your flowers before 2 p.m. from Monday to Friday and before 10 a.m. on Saturday.

Can I nominate a specific time for a delivery?

It's very difficult for us to guarantee delivery times and as such we are unable to do that. The only time that we tend to guaranteed delivery times is for funeral services. If your flower order is for a funeral service we will know this by the card message and the delivery address, we will call the funeral home to find out what time the funeral is and have the flowers there on time for you.

Can you deliver to the hospital?

Yes we do deliver to hospitals in town but when you are ordering you must ensure that you provide us with the hospital name and all the patients details, it's also important that you give us the wing number and the bed number. It's also advised that you order flowers from our flower arrangements category as these or come in as box which is perfect for a hospital because they do not stock any types of vases for flowers to go into. The net effect obviously with ordering flowers in a box is that they will last far longer.

What happens if the person isn't home?

If the person you are sending flowers to isn't at home when our courier driver arrives we will leave the flowers in the safest possible place that is out of view from the street and also in the coolest Place possible. We will not hide the flowers so that the person receive them cannot see them when they arrived home from work.

If the flowers are going to an apartment block in town and there is nobody home we will generally call the recipient to see if they are far from getting home. We will not leave flowers alone at the front door of a security building as they are most likely to get stolen. If the recipient is too far away we will generally organise another delivery time or take them back to the shop and they can pick them up.

Why can't I order on a Sunday, the delivery date is blocked out?

Simple answer to that is simply we do not deliver on Sundays, the only Sunday we deliver on throughout the entire year is the second Sunday of every May and that is Mother's Day.

Can I order forward a delivery date?

Absolutely yes you can you can order flowers for today or forward order them for any date in the future.

Is your website safe to order from?

Yes it is we have invested heavily in our website security systems and the main way to explain that to you is by looking into the url bar where you will see a words saying secure. This means we have installed a SSL certificate which protects the security of our website, all our transaction, and your privacy.

How can I check my order after I have placed it?

This is actually a common question and the way you can do that is simply wait about 15 minutes after your purchase and you receive a confirmation email. There you'll be able to check your order and ensure that all the details are correct.

Is your website easy to order from?

Actually it's one of the easiest websites to order from the window off. We created a one page checkout form that only requires the most important information and nothing else. You don't even need to create an account with us! We engineered our website this way as we realised that most people that are ordering flowers are ordering them from work and they are very time for.

More questions?

If there is something we haven't covered here in our frequently asked questions page you are most welcome to call us and we can help you out.